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    Bussing Registration Information for 2023-2024 School Year


    Bus Transportation

    Bus transportation will be provided by the District for those students living in the rural areas outside the City of Port Washington and Village of Saukville, who are two miles or more from the school of attendance.  Students living in the Village of Saukville will not be bussed to Saukville Elementary School, and students living in the City of Port Washington will not be bussed to a school in the city.  Because portions of the Town of Saukville and the Town of Port Washington separate Saukville and Port Washington, Saukville students will continue to receive district-provided transportation to Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Port Washington High School.  Students living anywhere within the District where hazardous areas exist will receive free transportation.  The Board of Education and the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department will determine hazardous areas.


    Parents may contract privately for transportation for those children who are not eligible for district-provided transportation by making arrangements with Johnson Bus Service (284-5330).  They will be accepting registrations in August for private contracts at their terminal, 3900 Hwy KW, Port Washington.  Payment is requested at the time of registration.  Johnson Bus Service has set the 2020-2021 private contract cost at:

    Registration Form

    Student Conduct on School Buses

    Bus Regulations and Behavior/Conduct Guidelines for transportation provided by the Port Washington-Saukville School District

    In view of the fact that for many students the school bus is an extension of the classroom, School Board policy requires that students conduct themselves while on the bus in a manner consistent with established standards for classroom behavior. PARENTS PLEASE READ THROUGH THE FOLLOWING PORTION OF THE BUS REGULATIONS AND DISCUSS THEM WITH YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN PRIOR TO THE SCHOOL YEAR. Additional rules and responsibilities will be distributed as part of student handbooks, and must also be followed.

    1. GENERAL
      1. Students shall obey all rules that apply to bus riding for their own safety and protection, as well as for the safety and protection of others. Students and parents should be aware that misbehavior will not be tolerated. Corrective action, as outlined in Part IV, shall be taken with riders who misbehave on the school bus.
      2. Student loading areas will be located as close as possible to residences, depending on safety, road conditions, and the time schedule of the bus.
      3. Transportation shall be provided for all children with disabilities if it is determined as a necessary related service within the child's individualized education plan (IEP) regardless of distance or residence in the City of Port Washington and Village of Saukville. The bus driver shall remain with the bus during boarding and deboarding of students with disabilities.
      4. Buses will run whenever and wherever weather permits. In the event of inclement weather, announcements will be made on the local radio stations as to whether or not busses will operate.
      5. Only employees of the Port Washington-Saukville School District, the bus company, members of the Board of Education or persons approved by the administration will be allowed to ride school transportation.
      6. Students who go on school trips are expected to return on the same bus or car, except that permission to leave the group may be granted by the person in charge if written consent of the parent(s) is obtained, preferably before the trip.
      1. Parents shall be aware of assigned routes and bus stops.
      2. Eligibility for regular bus transportation will be determined from the residence of the child. Routes and designated bus stops will be determined by the residence of the eligible children. For those instances where parents wish their children to use a designated bus stop other than the one designated for the legal residence, the following criteria must be met:
        1. Eligibility for regular transportation must be based on the legal residence of the child.
        2. Written request for a change in the designated bus stop must be made by the parent or guardian, said request shall be approved by the district office administrator(s) if it meets the tests listed below. A copy shall be kept on file in the district office.
        3. Each such change shall meet the following tests before approval:
          1. There shall be no change in the established bus route(s).
          2. There must be room on the bus if the change affects a route other than the route to which the child is assigned by his/her legal residence.
          3. There shall be no additional cost to the school district.
          4. Other children shall not be inconvenienced by the change.
      3. Parents are encouraged to contact the building principal regarding any problems with school bus transportation. It is imperative that parents, school officials, and bus drivers work cooperatively to solve any problems, thus, providing a safe ride for all.

      The bus driver has the authority to talk to students to resolve discipline problems, as outlined in Part IV. He or she also has the authority to report deviations from acceptable behavior to bus company officials and to school officials. The bus driver has the authority to assign seats and to recommend disciplinary action to the building principal, as outlined in Part IV.

      1. Actions that may result in a first written warning and/or other appropriate administrative action:
        1. Loud talking on the bus.
        2. Moving around or standing up while bus is in motion.
        3. Getting off the bus at the wrong location without permission.
        4. Opening windows without driver authorization.
        5. Eating or drinking on the bus.
      2. The following behaviors or actions shall result in a one to three day bus suspension, a written communication by a school administrator and, if necessary, other appropriate administrative action:
        1. Threatening, bullying, or harassing other students.
        2. Throwing objects at the bus, out of the bus, or on the bus.
        3. Littering.
        4. Using profane language.
        5. Sexually explicit comments or actions.
        6. A second bus referral for misconduct.
        7. Spitting.
        8. Insubordination/disrespect toward the driver.
        9. Use of alcohol, tobacco products and/or controlled substances.
        10. Fighting.
        11. Destruction of and/or vandalism to bus.
        12. Conduct which endangers the health, safety, or property of others.
        13. A third referral for misconduct (second one day suspension).

      Parents of students suspended from bus riding privileges shall be notified in advance of the suspension.

      In instances where inappropriate behavior is not corrected, or in instances where behavior endangers the health and/or safety of self or others, the superintendent, upon receipt of written documentation, may initiate an immediate and extended bus suspension that may be followed by a recommendation for expulsion from bus service privileges. Such situations will include full due process considerations provided by state statutes.