• What's Happening:  

    2/20 - All School Sledding weather permitting

    2/21 - Discovery World Museum Field Trip
    2/28 - No School Professional Growth


    3/2-3/13 - Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences (Sign up beginning 2/19/20)
    3/5 - Early Release Elementary Only
    3/5 - All Staff Parent/Teacher Conferences 12:20-7pm
    3/11 - SPA Meeting 6:30pm
    3/13 - Cupcake Sale / Field Trip First Stage
    3/19 - Storybook Theatre PWHS Auditorium 6pm
    3/23-3/27 - No School Spring Break

    February 17 
         Thank you for the great Valentine's Day!  This week in math we are learning the standard algorithm for addition.  We will test on the second half of Module 7 next Tuesday 2/25.  We continue to work on learning the basic multiplication facts.  Please practice a bit nightly.  In reading, we are finishing up our study of nonfiction text (main idea/detail and summarizing).  jWe are going to retest on U4W4 in Spelling (homophones).  As a class we struggled with this list, so I will do some extra activities in the classroom and we will try again with a test on Thursday.  I have added a few spelling games to our Google Classroom for further practice.  Students can access these games from home.  In writing, we are also finishing up our expository texts, this week we will work on publishing one of our pieces.  In Social Studies, we continue work on the regions of the United States with Mrs. Barnes.
         We have two special events this week.  Weather permitting, we will sled on Thursday, Feb. 20th.  On Friday, we will visit Discovery World Museum.  Your child will need a bag lunch for this trip.
         Parent/Teacher Conferences can be scheduled via the website on Feb. 19th.  Please sign up early, evening spots go quickly.
    February 10
         Good morning!  In math this week we are finishing up learning all of the basic multiplication facts and testing on the first half of Module 7 on Tuesday.  Please keep practicing facts at home - the students' efforts are paying off.  We are getting pretty quick at those facts!!  The second part of Module 7 takes us back to addition and the standard algorithm for regrouping.  In reading, we continue to work on reading nonfiction.  This week we will tackle author's point of view and summarizing. In writing, we are drafting our second expository text.  (This time we have all chosen an animal to research and write about so we are combining skills from our reading into our writing time.)  In Science/Social Studies, we are moving on to the next unit.  The students will be studying the regions of the United States with Mrs. Barnes. 
         This Friday is the 3rd grade Valentine Party.  Mr. Brown's class is hosting, so we do not need to provide food.  If you child chooses to bring Valentines, please make sure there is one for each classmate.  A list came home last week of classmate's names.  Don't forget, we also have Donuts with Dad that morning!
         Parent/Teacher Conferences begin the week of March 2nd.  The day for full staff to be here (and an Early Release Day) is March 5th.  If you want to meet with staff other than me, please schedule your time for the 5th.  Evening slots fill up fast, so please keep your eye on the Tuesday Tidbits for when you can begin signing up.
         Finally, I currently have 4 chaperones for Discovery World on Friday, January 21st.  I would like to take 2 more.  Please let me know by Wednesday if you are able to join us. This is an all day trip.   Thanks and have a great week!
    February 3
         Good morning!  In math this week we will be learning the final multiplication facts and starting Multiplication Baseball.  Please practice your multiplication facts nightly.  In reading, we are still working on reading nonfiction and have added a writing layer to our work.  We are working on finding text evidence and forming a complete response to questions.  In writing, we are starting a second nonfiction piece.  We all will be researching a wild animal to write about.  In Science, we will finish our Forces and Motion unit this week.  Please continue to practice the flashcards.  The test will be on Thursday.  Have a great week!
    January 27
         Good morning!  This is the first day of second semester.  With the new semester, we up our reading goal to 20 minutes every night.  This is a very important habit, so please encourage and support your child in this activity.  Also, remember to record reading at the top on the right hand side of the weekly assignment notebook.  Thanks so much!
         This week in math we are learning about graphs (Picto, Bar, and Line Plots).  In reading, we are going to continue to work on Main Idea/Detail and will learn how to write a summary using this information.  In writing, we are putting the finishing touches on our nonfiction texts.  In Science, we are learning about forces (gravity, friction, and magnetism).  Please add these flashcards to the ones you are already studying.  On Friday, we will test our friction ideas with ice skating and the Ozaukee Skating Rink.  I have two chaperones.  If anyone else would like to join us, please let me know ASAP.  Finally, please look for report cards in the Take Home Folder on Wednesday.  Please remember that a "D" is what your child should be getting as a grade.  Also, a "B" here or there just means that is an area that we are working on still.  Thanks and have a great week.
    January 20
         Good morning!  This is a very short week with the semester ending on Thursday.  If you child is trying to meet their AR goal, he or she has until the end of the day on Thursday to meet the goal of 100% of points earned at 85% accuracy overall on the tests taken.
         ALSO - I really need one or two more chaperones for ice skating on Jan. 31st (I currently only have one).  Winter Carnival is also on the 31st and 3rd grade is looking for lottery tickets to add to our basket.  We need a few people to put the basket together.  We'll give you supplies, we just need your creativity and talent!  Please let me know if you are interested.
    Academically... in Math we are working on dividing by 8, 1 & 0 this week.  In reading, we are ending up the first bend of our Nonfiction unit and we will be assessing finding Main Idea/Detail.  In writing, we are working on adding researched facts to our nonfiction text.  In Science, we are discussing the other 2 Laws of Motion and then discussing types of forces (gravity, friction, magnetic).  For studying flash cards at home, practice; Laws of Motion, friction, gravity, and magnetism.  Thank you!
    January 13
         Good morning!  I am still looking for chaperones for the ice skating field trip to Ozaukee Skateland, Jan. 31st in the afternoon.  Please text or email if you are able to attend.  In math, we are going back to multiplication to learn strategies for 9, 0 & 1.  Remember to practice multiplication facts nightly using XtraMath or flashcards.  In reading, we are learning to talk about the nonfiction books we are reading and bringing our own thoughts about the text into the conversation.  In writing, we are looking for area to add research to our nonfiction text.  In Science, we continue to learn about Forces and Motion - this week we will learn the 3 Laws of Motion.  Please add these flashcards to your study deck.  Finally - please consider buying some lottery tickets to add to our class basket for the Winter Carnival.
    January 6
         Happy New Year!  We will be taking our mid-year diagnostic tests this week.  We will start the week with reading in the morning and then will do the Math diagnostic after lunch when the Reading diagnostic is complete (hopefully on Friday).  Please make an extra effort this week to help your child get a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast.
         This week in math, we will be learning subtraction strategies to build toward learning the traditional algorithm.  We will test on the subtraction strategies on Thursday.  We have also started practicing our multiplication facts for Math Baseball.  Please have your child practice 3-5 minutes daily using the Xtramath Website.  In Reading, we are continuing to learn about nonfiction.  We are mastering the main idea/detail skill and will be extending that to synthesizing across multiple texts later in the week.  We are also drafting our own nonfiction text in writing.  On Tuesday, we will begin a Science unit with me on Forces and Motion.  There will be a test on this unit and flashcards will come home for at home practice.
         We have a fun field trip for Physical Education at the end of the month.  Mrs. Piontek is taking us ice skating at Ozaukee Skateland.  I am look for 2 or 3 chaperones for this trip.  Please let me know if you are available.  The trip is January 31 in the afternoon.  Exact time to be announced soon.  Thanks and have a great week!
    December 16
         Good morning!  This week we will be learning the X1 and X0 properties and strategies and practicing multiplication word problems.  We will test on Thursday.  This week in reading we will be practicing our fluency with an all third grade, Reader's Theater.  It will be a nice break in the action from our non-fiction reading right before the winter break.  In writing, we will continue to work on nonfiction as we write "seed stories" and pick one to develop.  In Science, we will be finishing up the electricity unit with Mr. Brown.  There will be a test on Thursday.  Please remember that we are hosting the Winter Party on Friday.  Your child was assigned an item last week and that item should be here no later than noon on Friday.  Thanks so much for your assistance with this!!  I hope you enjoy your time off with your family.  See you in 2020!!
    December 9
         Good morning!  This week in math, we will finish up learning about fractions and will test on Wednesday.  We will end the week by going back to multiplication and learning strategies/properties for X8, X0, X1.  In reading and writing, we are working on nonfiction texts.  In reading, we are learning how to find the main idea and supporting details.  In writing, we will be learning how to find ideas to write about and text structure.  In Science, we continue to learn about electricity with Mr. Brown.  The Cookie Sale is on Friday.  Please be sure to check tomorrow's Tuesday Tidbits for other important information.  Also, our class is hosting the Winter Holiday Party.  Please watch for a note on what to bring in tomorrow's Take Home Folder.  I would love 2-3 parents to help with this party the afternoon of Dec. 20th. 1:45 - 3:15 p.m..  Thanks so much and have a great week!
    December 2
         Good morning parents!  I am writing to you as the students rehearse for their concert.  They sound fabulous!! This is a very busy week!  Tomorrow night is the concert at the High School.  Please check your notes from Mrs. Martinez for more information on that.  In math, we are beginning to work on fractions this week.  One night this week, please try to  make time to play a game called "Cover Up" that will come home with your child.  In reading, we are beginning to learn about informational texts.  We will also be learning how to write information text.  In Science/Social Studies, we are continuing to learn about electricity with Mr. Brown. 
         The Nutcracker trip is on Friday. Students will need money for lunch (or a brown bag lunch).  Also, we ask that students dress for the theater.  (Whatever that means for you is fine!)  Please be sure to send a healthy snack on that day.  We will eat it before we leave SES at 9:30 a.m. We will not eat lunch until around 1:30 p.m.  Finally, if you are chaperoning this trip, please be at SES at 9:15.  Thanks so much!!
    November 18
         Good morning!  Last week we had such a fun adventure solving our "Great Cookie Caper Mystery".  It was a fantastic introduction to our mystery unit.  We will continue learning about and reading mystery stories this week and will take an assessment next week.  In math, we are beginning our studies of division.  We will start by learning the meaning of multiplication and fact families.  We will then learn the 10s and 5s facts.  In writing, we are publishing our personal narrative and completing an assessment on Friday.  In Science, we have switched to Mr. Brown's class where we are learning about electricty.  The SES Holiday Concert is coming up soon!  We will be having a rehearsal at the High School on Tuesday, Nov. 26th during our specials time.  Be sure to stay updated with all the news in the Tuesday Tidbits.
    November 4
       Good morning!  I am still looking for chaperones for Nutcracker, I currently have 3 spots remaining.  In math, we are finishing up learning strategies for x2 and x4 this week with a test on Wednesday.  I am sending home a strategy sheet tonight for all of the multiplication facts.  This will explain how Origo teaches basic multiplication facts.  I have also added the Xtramath link to links below.  In reading, we are finishing up Module 1 and will be starting a Mystery Unit at the end of the week.  Exciting days ahead, don't forget to ask your child about it!  In writing this week, we are starting our second personal narrative.  In Science, we continue to study ecosystems with Mrs. Barnes.  Don't forget to use Wonders and Spelling City for extra practice on spelling words and have a great week!
    October 27
         Tests from Module 2 are coming home tonight.  Please sign and return - thanks!  This week in math, we return to multiplication with X2 and X4 facts.  We are learning the strategies for multiplication, but we are also practicing subtraction facts for our next world series.  In reading, we are finish up the first unit of reading.  This week we are working on figurative language (similes, metaphors, idioms, onomatopoeia, etc.).  In writing, we still are working on personal narratives and in Science, ecosystems.  This Thursday will be our Halloween Party.  Students are able to wear Halloween costumes for the party.  We will change at our 2nd recess (1:45) and the party will be from 2:00 - 3:15.  Mrs. Barnes's class is hosting and providing the treats.  This Friday there is no school as we end the 1st quarter.  Thursday is the last day for students to meet their 1st quarter reading goal.
    October 21
         Good morning!  This week we start to tackle Geometry in math.  We will be learning about quadrilaterals, with two main things to remember.  A square is a rectangle, but not all rectangles are squares and a rhombus is a quadrilateral with all sides equal.  In reading, we are finishing up our first unit by study word attack skills and figurative language.  In writing, we are polishing up our personal narratives and in science we continue to learn about ecosystems with Mrs. Barnes.  Don't forget that the field trip is rescheduled for this Wednesday, Oct. 23rd.  Also, there is a 1/2 day on Tuesday for Parent/Teacher conferences.  Thanks so much and have a great week!  
    October 14
         Good morning!  This is a really busy couple of weeks.  We have Parent/Teacher conferences on Monday and Tuesday this week, Field Trip on Wednesday, and the World Series of Addition on Friday.  PLEASE return permission slips and confirm your Parent/Teacher conference time if you have not done so yet.
         In math, we are working on telling time to the minute and exploring the different ways to say the time.  Please check the Origo Newsletter for more information on that (sent out the first week in October via your students Take Home Folder).  In reading, we just took our first comprehension test on Friday and are working on sustaining reading while using our comprehension strategies.  In writing, we are working toward publishing a personal narrative.  This week we will work on leads, ending, and writing like a storyteller, not a reporter.  In Science, the students are with Mrs. Barnes learning about ecosystems.  Have a great week!
    September 30
         Good morning, Parents!  This week in math, we will be starting a new module.  Please look for the information sheet that explains this module's concepts in the Take Home Folder.  The information sheet will be attached to your child's Module 1 Assessment.  Please sign the assessment and return, but keep the newsletter.  In reading, we continue to work on comprehension strategies.  This week we will focus in on predicting and retelling.  Each week, we will be studying a new set of spelling words.  Please take a moment to review these words with your child.  Your student can also use the Wonders website to practice spelling and grammar.  See the front cover of the assignment notebook for usernames and passwords.  In Writing, we are working on writing personal narratives.  This week we are working on where writers get ideas from and are writing "flash drafts" - writing a quick rough draft that we can go back and revise at a later date.  This is our last week for US History and Government.  We will continue to learn about the three branches of government.  If you are interested in chaperoning for the Riveredge Field Trip.  Please let me know as soon as possible.  Thanks and have a great week!
    September 23
         I am sorry that I did not get a message out to you last week.  When Monday starts with a meeting, I am forever playing catch up!  Today we will be starting Small Group Learning as we finished up iReady testing last week.  This week in math, we will be learning the meaning of multiplication and starting to learn the basic multiplication facts.  We are learning strategies for the multiplication facts throughout this first semester.  Please review addition facts at home for fluency.  In reading this week, we are learning comprehension strategies like "stop and check" and we will be learning about making predictions.  In writing, we are learning procedures for our reading workshop while reviewing friendly letters, written responses to short answer questions, and paragraph formatting.  In Social Studies, we are learning about the 3 Branches of the United States Government.  On Friday afternoon, Mr. Brakke will be talking to 3rd grade about ALICE (our safety procedures).

         A note about homework...

         We will have math homework most nights Monday-Thursday.  I have told the students that they only need to do half, and they can choose the problems they would like to do.  My purpose for homework is for students to review skills learned in class and to share with parents what we are working on.  If homework does not get completed, please do not worry.  There will be no consequence for homework not being completed.  I will leave it to your family to decide what is appropriate for your child to do, and to balance that with all of the other things you have going on in the evenings.  Students are also asked to read for 15 minutes each night.  Please try to stick to this routine, though I understand there may be nights when your child is unable to read.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    September 9

         Good morning Parents!  We had a great first week!  If your child didn't get a chance to complete the writing journal project, he or she can keep working on it this week.  We just need it back at school to start writing.  This week in math we will be taking a look at place value.  In reading, we are learning how to build a reading life by picking the right spot, the right book, and learning strategies for sustaining reading.  In writing, we are working on friendly letters.  We will also start our Social Studies Government unit and will start to learn about the Revolutionary War.  Finally, we will be doing some work with Growth Mindset and discussing the calming corner in our room.  Look in your child's Take Home folder tomorrow for more information about Growth Mindset.  Thanks and have a great week!


    September 3

         Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year!  This week we will focus on getting to know one another and establishing our classroom routines.  Toward the end of the week we will start to get into our regular structure for the week.  In math, we will begin with a review of place value.  In reading, we will begin learning our Guided Reading procedures and how to build a reading life.  In writing, we will begin a review of the friendly letter format and learn our Guided Reading routines.  We will not be starting Science/Social Studies yet this week.  Please take a moment over the next few weeks to look over our Welcome Brochure and field trips for the year and let me know if you are interested in joining us for any of the trips. Have a great week!

    ~Jocelyn Voeller

    Quick Links:

    Accelerated Reading - take tests on books read

    iReady - extra practice for reading and math

    Spelling City - Practice the weekly spelling words

    Wonders/ConnectEd - Reading Program

    Xtramath - fact practice