• Little did I know when I stepped into First Grade for the first time that it would be my "home" for twelve years! I have had the great pleasure to teach many wonderful students and some of their brothers and sisters too. There is no more rewarding grade in teaching than first grade. It is a wonderful feeling to open the door of reading to children as you set them on a marvelous journey of lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity. As they progress during the year it is like watching a miracle take place.

    I am a great believer in sharing stories of heroes with my students. While my students unwind after recess, I like to read them stories of Abraham Lincoln or Louis Braille. I love getting them thinking about heroes as real people, not just action heroes. When you show children great examples of what's possible when they are young, who knows what they will consider trying in their own lives?

    My goal as a First Grade teacher is to have my students love to learn and feel special about themselves. They all become a very memorable part of my life.