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  • Tyler Nygaard  

     Tyler Nygaard
     Art Teacher & TAG Coordinator
    Email:  tyler.nygaard@pwssd.k12.wi.us

    Work phone: 262-268-5864







  • Hello Parents and Students,

    I'm very pleased you took the time to check out my little space on the World Wide Web. Let's start with just a little background about myself. I was born and raised in North Dakota; to say the least I do not miss the colder weather. I went to school in Stevens Point, a great University with a very friendly climate to learn and grow in. I was hired right out of school, and I'm going into my 18th year of teaching art for the Port Washington-Saukville School District.

    I absolutely love my job and working with so many wonderful kids. My main goal as a teacher is to make every student I come in contact with love and enjoy art. I try to cover the 4 major art disciplines: production, aesthetics, criticism, and art history. I of course focus much of my time on the creation of fantastic artwork and the many necessary skills that go along with that task.

    I currently go up to the High School and teach 1st hour Ceramics for one semester each year.  This is my third year and I have come to really enjoy the older students and a more intellectual start to each day.

     I hope you take time in enjoy all the parts of the Lincoln Online Gallery!!

    Thanks again & take care,

    Mr. Nygaard