With dedication, we educate each child to their greatest potential in a safe, nurturing environment.



    The Dunwiddie Community empowers students to be independent, think critically, accept others, and value teamwork, while nurturing their inner well-being.


    We believe all children can learn and need to be challenged.

    We believe Dunwiddie is a safe and respectful community where all people are valued.

    We believe family/community support is critical to student success.

    We believe in educating the whole child.

    We believe The Dunwiddie Community has quality educators who maintain a high standard of practice.



    We will be a service driven school supporting students, community, and staff.

    We will celebrate successes of our students, staff, and school community.

    We will provide an open and accepting environment that promotes community and family involvement.

    We will differentiate instruction using multiple data sources to meet the needs of each student.