• Boundaries
  • Elementary School Map Boundaries  

    Elementary Attendance Areas
    Based on Board Action Taken on May 20, 1991

    Reproduced: October 5, 2004


    All areas south of old inter-urban right of way and west of railroad tracks to County Road LL.
    All of Hwy 32 south on east side of road (except 2188 N Port Washington Road) to 1-43 over pass.
    All of Hwy 32 south on west side of road to one house south of lannon stone apartments (1939 Port Washington Road).
    All of Hwy CC (Sunset Road east of County Road LL) east to Lakeshore Road - includes Mineral Springs area.
    All of Lakeshore Road south to Kara Lane both side of road.
    Lakeshore Road south from Kara Lane to Ulao Parkway west sides of road only.
    Ulao Parkway from Lakeshore Road to Railroad tracks, north side only, including Ulao Court and Ulao Lane subdivision.
    Ulao Parkway from railroad tracks to 32 both sides of road.
    Ulao Parkway on west side of Hwy 32 - one property piece only 1032 Ulao Parkway (formerly DeGroot home).
    All of Sauk Road west to Ridgewood Road - north side only.


    City of Port Washignton- all streets east of Hwy KK, north of Grand Avenue (including both sides of Grand Avenue) to the railroad tracks and all areas east to the lake.
    Hwy KK both sides of road north to Willow Road.
    Hwy KK from Willow Road to Woodland Road - east side of road only.
    All of County Road H (old Hwy 84) north to Lovers Lane Road - both sides or road.
    County Road H (old Hwy 84) from Lovers Land to 4771 County H (south side only) [last house in district].
    Dixie Road east to County Road LL - (south side only).
    County Road P (aka Country Club Road) east to lake - (south side only).
    Lake Drive east to lake - including all of Weilers Way.
    County Road LL south from County Road P to Hwy KK.
    Mink Ranch Road west to Northwoods.


    All of Hwy 33 west from County Road LL overpass including new Bley Park subdivision (Harbor Hills Rec.). All of Northwoods south and subdivision along Northwoods South.
    All of Northwoods north north to Hillcrest Road.
    Northwoods north from Hillcrest Drive to Mink Ranch road - east side only.
    Hillcrest Drive east to Green Bay Road.
    All of Green Bay Road south to Hwy 33 (including Birch Road area).
    All of Hwy W north and south of Hwy 33.
    All of Foster Road.
    All of East Sauk Road west of Hwy W.
    All subdivison around Cottontail - Sumac.