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    The Curriculum & Instruction Department believes all students can succeed and is committed to helping our schools meet the needs of and educate all children to reach their greatest potential. Through rigorous and relevant teaching and learning aligned to standards, our educators facilitate engaging and meaningful learning opportunities in all of our classrooms. The teaching and learning team works collaboratively with teachers, administrators, students, board members and families to ensure authentic and honest feedback, creating success and growth for all.

    Children develop at different rates. We believe potential and ability are always changing. Our District provides rigorous lesson planning that consists of student choice and voice. Individualized lesson plans ensure all children can reach their greatest potential and excel them beyond their current potential and ability with advanced coursework. A child may need further program focuses that cannot be met in the regular classroom. Advanced programming recognizes, nurtures and supports students whose capabilities surpass the regular curriculum advancements at any given time.


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Keelin Eggleston

Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Phone: (262) 268-6062
Email:  Keelin.Eggleston@pwssd.k12.wi.us