• PWHS Music Boosters Meeting

    September 8, 2015



    Present:  Mike Bendt, Tom DeMerit, Ellen Haggenjos, Alan Dust, Dennis Gephart, Mike Yuhas, Jessica Dominguez (Marinez), Linda Guokas, Donna Grady, Larry Watry, Tammy Biskobing, Kira Johann, Tami Wojciehowski, Robert Tyree, Mary-Beth Tenneyson, Laura Wagner, Jolene Patterson, Marcia Brown, Christine Luib, Melissa Niemeyer and Pam Struhl.

    Introductions: (Mike Bendt) Introduced officers to members.

    Secretary’s Report: (Mike Bendt) 

    Meetingbegan at 7:02 with a call to order from President Mike Bendt.  Reviewed the minutes from the May 29, 2015 meeting, which was also Awards Night.

    Treasurer’s Report: (Tom DeMerit)

    Since our last meeting in May, our bank account increased $13,400.  We begin the new year with an overall balance of $39,716.59.  Notable increases were:

    -Our Spring Pops Concerts collected $2,600 (of which 2,000 is allocated to our 2 x 1,000 student scholarships). 

    -The Kids from WI show on July 28 netted $2,900. 

    -We received more than $6,200 in new contributions to the "Retire an Instrument" Campaign.

    Our internal accounts are summarized as follows:

                  $ 14,449.81  PWSB (General)

                  $  8,199.96    Piano - Restricted Fund

                  $  2,000.00    Scholarship

                  $  7,339.58    Instrument Drive

                  $  7.727.24    Kids from Wisconsin


                  $ 39,716.59

    To date, we've raised $8,334.50 with our "Retire an Instrument" campaign.  This represents 17% of the stated 50k goal.

    We're poised to make our two $1,000 student scholarships.  This year's scholarships were awarded to Emily Poull and Will Montreal.  We've begun reserving $200 each month for ten months (November thru August) into our internal Scholarship Fund for this purpose.  Once paperwork is received from their respective colleges, we will make the scholarship payments for these students.

    In summary, we begin this school year in very much the same position as last year, less the $7,000 in the Instrument Fund and $7,000 in the Kids from WI account.  Considering that 2014-15 included the student trip to Italy and our $15,000 contribution, it is noteworthy that we begin this year in the same financial position.

    A brief discussion was held regarding donations made towards the scholarship fund and whether they should restricted to that fund even in excess.  Do we just collect on enough to fund 2 scholarships at $1000 each, or use excess funds to provide larger scholarships?  We have excess funds in Kids from Wisconsin fund that could go toward the scholarship fund.

    Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report, by Mike Yuhas, seconded by Linda Guokas.  Approved.

    Band Director’s Report: (Alan Dust)

    Kids from WI: Was a very successful event with attendance of about 600.  Netted about $7,700 including seed money from previous group that used to host Kids from Wisconsin.  Alan would like the Music Boosters to host them again next year.  He has already spoken with them and reserved a date (Wednesday July 27, 2016).  Alan was able to negotiate a cost of $3500.00 avoiding an increase in cost.  Alan thanked the Music Boosters and everyone who supported the event and made it successful.

    Upcoming dates: Alan discussed band classes, the syllabus, and important dates: Contracts due 9/11/15, First Pep Band performance: 9/18/15, Homecoming: Soccer field show-10/1/15, Parade and Football game field show-10/2/15.

    Instrument Fundraiser: Alan has priorities for the funds:       

    -need to fix bass amp

    -Yamaha alto and tenor saxophones are needed for students

    Choir Director’s Report: (Dennis Gephart)

    Photo Fundraiser: Information on handout and Haiku page

    Music Department Trip: This year is an “off” trip year, so there will smaller trips such as going to see productions in Milwaukee: Wicked, Newsies, a performance in Green Bay.  Still looking into what we will be doing for a trip next year.

    Fundraising:  Dennis explained that fundraising is individual, what the student raises, they keep.  Upcoming fundraisers are Mr. Zs and Chip Shoppe.  Profit is per product.  Funds raised goes into student’s individual accounts to use for a trip or shirt or musical.  If a student has an older sibling that graduated the previous year, the current student sibling can use those funds.  But you can’t pay for a Spanish trip with choir funds or use choir funds for band. 

    Real Men Sing: boys from both Concert and Mixed choirs may sign up for this event. It is the largest all make vocal festival with 600 participants.  It is on September 25th in the morning.  There is no school that day.

    Homecoming: Concert Choir will sing the National Anthem.

    Dennis talked about enjoying the new school year and how students are acclimating to their new choirs.

    Old Business:

    2015 Music Booster’s Scholarship Recipients Thank Yous:  We received nice thank you notes from Emily Poull and Will Montreal, the 2015 recipients of the Music Boosters Scholarships.

    New PWHS Construction Update: Dennis and Alan spent a lot of time this summer going to other schools for new ideas.  Took the best ideas from these schools, taking into account the area and funds that are allotted for our music department.  We will have more natural light.  Larger choir room, will be where library is and band area will be where office is.  The current band and choir rooms will be practice rooms.

                Will have alumni concert to raise funds for computers.  Want a Music Theory/Composition room.

                Will have a black box, recording room and dressing rooms.  The auditorium will not have an orchestra pit that is the only thing that is known for sure.  It is still in design phase.

                            The directors stressed that is important for the Music Boosters to have a voice in what happens in the next months in regards to the new building renovation/construction.  The last stage –phase 3-of the plan is the auditorium and we want to make sure that the funds allocated for this will not be used for other things before we get to phase 3.  We can ask how much is earmarked for the auditorium so it can’t be used for other things.  What will be built will be used for the next 50 years, so we want to look to the future and get it right.  There is a lot of support for the Music Department and it's new plans, but we need to make sure that by the time phase 3 happens, that we have the same support and funds as was intended when referendum passed.

                            Tom DeMerit has been going to all of the School Board meetings.  There are 3 phases to the PWHS project.  Most of the Music Department’s area is phase 2, the auditorium is phase 3.  These meetings are not a forum for public input, but our presence is a way to remind board members that we are watching and are interested and concerned with the process.

    New Business:

    Kids From Wisconsin 2016: Mike Bendt moves to host Kids From Wisconsin for a summer 2016 performance. Kira Johann motions to support and Tami Biskobing seconds the motion.  Approved.

    Choir robe repair: Dennis needs help sewing robes.

    Men’s choir and women’s vocal jazz start first week of November.

    First opportunity to volunteer will be the fall Musical, Tami Wojciehowski will have an online sign up page.

    Dinner Auction will be February 5, 2016.

    Meeting adjourned at 7:36 pm.  Motioned by Christine Luib and seconded by Mary-Beth Tenneyson


    Respectfully submitted,


    Ellen Haggenjos, Secretary

    PWHS Music Boosters