• Piano Fundraiser

  • Because of the generous donation of an anonymous donor, the Port Washington Saukville School district has the opportunity to begin the process for a unique fundraiser. By purchasing one or more of the 88 keys on our grand piano, you can help our school district raise money to buy a new Concert Grand piano

    The donation is tax deductible, and donors will be commemorated by having their name or organization on the plaque outside the Port Washington High School Auditorium doors.

    How it works

    Each of the keys on our piano keyboard is assigned a dollar value ranging from $150 to a top price of $5000 for middle C.  Donors can purchase one or more keys-even an entire octave.  Or groups can join together to make a donation. All donations are welcome no matter how large or small

    Putting a top quality instrument on the stage of our auditorium will enhance not only our great school music programs, but will enrich the opportunities for our entire community. Please take a moment to consider joining us in contributing to this great opportunity.


    Please click on the attachment to view which keys are available. Those that are unavailable will be highlighted in either yellow or orange.