• For this years musical “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” the Music Boosters want to sell candy along with water before the show and during intermission.  To do this we need a few parent volunteers to be ushers, consessions salesman and people to clean up after the show.  Thanks to know techknowledge this year we have created an easy online way for you to volunteer.  If you have the time to volunteer please visit the site and put your name down for a time slot that works for you.  We thank you in advance and are looking forward to seeing you there!


  • PWHS Music Boosters Meeting

    October 6, 2015


    Present:  Mike Bendt, Tom DeMerit, Ellen Haggenjos, Alan Dust, Dennis Gephart, Linda Guokas, Larry Watry, Tammy Biskobing, Kira Johann, Tami Wojciehowski, Mary Beth Tennessen, Laura Wagner,

    Christine Luib, Molly Kantz, Dawn Stacey, Debbie Hermans, Lynn Benning

    Meetingbegan at 7:03 with a call to order and welcome from President Mike Bendt.

    Secretary’s Report: (Mike Bendt)Reviewed the minutes from the September 8, 2015 meeting.  No corrections, additions, or questions.  Motion to approve the minutes by Christine Luib, seconded by Tammy Biskobing.  Approved.

    Treasurer’s Report: (Tom DeMerit)

    Our overall bank account at PWSB fell in the month of Sept. from $39,716 to an ending balance of $37,883.  The only income was a $45 increase to the Instrument Fund, including a $20 monthly installment donation from Mary Jo & George Bichler (our first monthly recurring donation).  Expenses included $190 for beverage machine products, $189 for a sponsored Young Americans Summer Camp attendee, $209 for music letter-winners, $685 for Solo/Ensemble medals for student winners and $604 reimbursement to Dennis Gephart for microphone purchases.  Since this last purchase was for the Auditorium, we pulled funds from the Piano/Restricted fund. 

    In October, we look forward to processing Photo Fundraiser contributions as those roll-in.  We have a few known expenses, both student scholarships (for Will Montreal, Emily Poull) have been processed and should transact via PWSB very soon and come out of our Annual Scholarship internal account.  As well, we have an invoice for a new Alto Sax which Alan Dust ordered from Interstate Music which is $2,175 that represents a purchase using our Instrument fund.

    Our current breakdown of internal accounts is as follows:

                $ 13,176.65     PWSB (General Funds)

                $  7,569.40    Restricted (Piano)

                $  7,384.58    Instrument fund

                $  2,000.00    Annual Scholarship Fund

                $  7,727.24    Kids from WI


                $ 37,883.87

    Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report, by Mary Beth Tennessen, seconded by Linda Guokas.  Approved.

    Band Director’s Report: (Alan Dust)

    Homecoming: Was a success, Alan is very proud of his students who had only 3 weeks to get ready.  Students wrote the field show.

    Upcoming dates:         *One more football game this Friday, October 9th

                                        *Mr. Z pickup Wed. October 21st

    News:   *Purchased a Yamaha Alto Sax, now have two with the donation of an Alto Sax from LarryWatry.

    *Want to publicly thank Mary Beth Tennessen for fixing and organizing the band uniforms.  Her work will prolong the life of the uniforms.  Will need someone who is good with sewing to replace the buttons on some of the uniforms.

    Choir Director’s Report: (Dennis Gephart)

    Choirs: students are presently working on music theory and exploring what they can do.  First concert is December 17th.

     Fundraising: Limited Edition put on a car wash.  Earned approximately $1,700.00 profit in one day.  This money be used for Ohio trip on November 13th and other music festivals/jackets.

    Real Men Sing: 41 boys from both Concert and Mixed choirs attended event. It is the largest all male vocal festival with 600 participants. It was fun and it reinforced that lots of guys sing.

    Musical: Looking forward to the musical, the kids are working hard.

    The last large donation for the piano fundraiser was to close out the piano fundraiser and what was left over was to be used for improvements in the auditorium.  We are looking into a set of hazers, which will help with lighting.  This will probably be the next purchase out of that account.

    Old Business:

    Photo Fundraiser: Information on handout and Haiku page, due back Nov. 20th.  Discussed that forms should also be sent out as an attachment in an email to parents.  Lynn Benning suggested that maybe next year we could have the order form sent with all of the other information in the Info Snap school online paperwork for school enrollment.  Tom will look into this.

    School renovation/Naming rights: Mike sent an email to Dr. Weber asking about naming rights.  Dr. Weber responded that once we are closer to an estimated cost there will be information about donations and naming recognition.  Dennis said that Community First was set up to fund raise for things that didn’t make the referendum.  Once again, the music boosters need to be aware of what is happening at every step of the process.  Naming rights would be for funds in addition to the referendum.

    New Business:

    WSMA Convention: Rachael Billmann will be performing in the treble choir October 28th.  Dennis will lead a session on October 29th.

    Concession/Clean Up volunteers for Musical Nov. 5th-8th: Mike will send out an email.  Also, people interested in volunteering may email Tami Wojciehowski. 

                Tom indicated that there will be a brief post meeting discussion regarding concession supplies.

    Dinner & Auction Chairs/Co-Chairs needed:Tami Wojciehowski will volunteer again.  Also Donna Grady and Dawn Stacey will do decorations again. 

    It was suggested that maybe get a couple of freshman parents to shadow the co-chairs so that they can take over in the future.

    Fundraiser opportunity: Mike received an email regarding Card for A Cause fundraiser opportunity.  The soccer team just did this fundraiser, so it wouldn’t be good to repeat so soon.


                Larry Watry asked what the objectives were for the Music Boosters this year.  Mike responded the music campaign, we need computers and keyboards.  Dennis explained that on January 2, 2016, there will be an Alumni Concert and we need to get the word out.  Alumnus Sarah Kruske is organizing this for a senior project.  The objective is to get a lot of people to perform one more time in the auditorium before its renovation and also to sponsor the Music Theory Lab and possibly a recording studio.  Neither is presently on the referendum.  Requesting donations to enter and there will be separate donation cards to donate to room.  Will have expense of paying for heat and custodial fees.  Wants Music Boosters to be a large part of this.  The lab will have about 15 stations at about $2000.00 a piece, so this is a long-range goal that will take several years.  Will promote the Alumni Concert in the Christmas concert program and in the Ozaukee Press.

    Mr. Watry also asked if with the referendum will we get the Music Dept. awards in a more prominent place?  Dennis has discussed this with the construction people and there will be more permanent and prominent display built-ins by office in commons area and also by auditorium. They will meet again with them next month.

    **Next Meeting: November 3rd, 7:00 pm, LIBRARY (musical dress rehearsal)** – will clarify where on Facebook

    Meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm.  Motioned by Mary Beth Tennessen and seconded by Christine Luib


    Respectfully submitted,


    Ellen Haggenjos, Secretary

    PWHS Music Boosters