• PWHS Music Boosters Meeting

    November 3, 2015


    Present:  Mike Bendt, Tom DeMerit, Ellen Haggenjos, Alan Dust, Dennis Gephart, Larry Watry, Tammy Biskobing, Kira Johann, Tami Wojciehowski, Dawn Stacey, Debbie Hermans, Kimberly McKinney, Mike Yuhas, Donna Grady, Deb Ansay

    Meetingbegan at 7:02 with a call to order and welcome from President Mike Bendt.

    Secretary’s Report: (Mike Bendt)

    Reviewed the minutes from the October 6, 2015 meeting.  No corrections, additions, or questions.  Motion to approve the minutes by Tammy Biskobing, seconded by Donna Grady.  Approved.

    Treasurer’s Report: (Tom DeMerit)

    The bank account for the PWHS Music Boosters fell slightly in the month of October 2015 to a new balance of $ 36,806.35.  On the Income side, we had $2,521 in two new Instrument Fund donations: a very large $2,501 donation from the Peter Kortes family and a second $20 monthly installment from Mary Jo and George Bichler (our first recurring monthly donators).  We also deposited $575 in new Photo-Fundraiser donations.  Our expenses included $2,175 from the Instrument Fund for a new Alto Sax and also our two $1,000 student scholarships, for Emily Poull at UW-GB and Alex Montreal at Concordia.

    We look forward to income in November from continued Photo-Fundraiser deposits and concessions at the high school musical.  We continue to collect the parents' names from the Photo-Fundraiser worksheets and prepare to have these printed in the programs for the holiday band/choir concerts.

    Our internal accounts have the following balances:

         $ 13,753.13  ...  PWSB (General)

         $  7,595.40  ...  Piano (Restricted)

         $  7,730.58  ...  Instrument Fund

         $      -.--  ...  Scholarship fund

         $  7,727.24  ...  Kids from WI


         $ 36,806.35 

    Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report, by Mike Yuhas, seconded by Kira Johann.  Approved.

    Band Director’s Report: (Alan Dust)

    Upcoming Events:

    Musical is November 5th – 8th at 7 pm.

    Next Wednesday is Veteran’s Day performance during school

    November 28, over Thanksgiving Break, the band is in the Grafton Christmas Parade.  It is good exposure for our band and we usually receive a donation.

    Alex Quade, a percussionist, is returning to Carnegie Hall for the second year.  He was also accepted into the Symphony Orchestra in February 2016.

    Choir Director’s Report: (Dennis Gephart)

    Upcoming Events:

    We are going to “Wicked” next week-40 students.  In January we will be going to “Newsies”.  We will have 85 tickets at $35 each.

    Limited Edition is going to the Kettering Ohio Vocal Festival November 13th – 15th.  It is instruction based, with many clinics.  We will perform Saturday afternoon.

    WSMA State Honor’s Choir – Rachel Billmann just got back from her third year performing with a choir in at WSMA’s State Honors Choir.  It is a big honor to be asked to perform three years.  Applications are available for 2016 auditions online.

    Fundraising: Fruit sale begins November 9th.  We will discuss continuing in the future with the Chip Shoppe and Fruit Sale fundraisers once they are completed for this year.  We can only do two fundraisers and want to do them early in year for field trips, etc.

    Students need to start thinking about Solo and Ensemble.  Original date was during our Spring Break.  We are 99.9% sure that we will be going to Random Lake’s Solo and Ensemble March 12th instead of March 19th.

    This week we started an after school a capella group, two nights a week.  Also starting are Men’s vocal Jazz and Women’s Vocal Jazz, where the students need to be at the high school by 6:40 am.

    We have started Christmas music with the choirs.

    Old Business:

    Photo Fundraiser:  Tom DeMerit looked into having the photo fundraiser on the Infosnap site with school registration documents.  Probably not feasible because if other groups would want to put their paperwork on website, the overall volume would be too high.

    Instrument Campaign Update: We just purchased a new Professional Alto Sax which is being used by Louis Guzman in the pit for the musical.  He usually plays flute.  We have raised over $10,000 which is a big milestone towards our goal of $50,000.  We will send out another flyer/announcement at the next concert.  We will also start working on soliciting business donations before the end of the year.

    New Business:

    Concession/Clean Up volunteers for Musical Nov. 5th-8th- coordinator -Tami Wojciehowski. 

    Tami said they have good coverage with volunteers.  Don’t think they need donations for candy.  Tom DeMerit will be there every night at 6 pm with the cash box.  Other volunteers should be there by 6:45.

    Dinner /Auction Feb 5, 2016:

                Auction Chair – Deb Ansay- maybe have someone help so they are also trained for next year

                Dinner Chair – Tami Wojciehowski

                Decorating Committee: Donna Grady & ?

                Trainee Freshman/Soph. parents

    This fundraiser is used mostly for the band/choir trips.

    Timetable: now is a good time for solicitation of donations.  A letter for this will go out to businesses in the next 3 weeks.

    Need to coordinate/solicit groups that donate baskets.  Last year a google docs was set up for this.

    Mike and Deb Bendt will handle the posters and promotions


    Alumni Concert: Sarah Kruske is organizing an Alumni concert.  Half of the proceeds will be donated toward the purchase of computers and keyboards for the Music Theory room.  The space for this room was included in the referendum but not the technology.

    Next Meeting: December 1st, 7:00 pm, Choir Room

                Winter Concerts

                WSMA sign up (online)


                Incoming Freshmen Open House – Added to Freshmen Orientation

                Incoming Freshmen Pep Band Date

    Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm.  Motioned by ? and seconded by ?


    Respectfully submitted,


    Ellen Haggenjos, Secretary

    PWHS Music Boosters