• PWHS Music Boosters Meeting

    March 3, 2015 Minutes


    Present:  Tom DeMerit,Donna Grady, Lynn Benning, Larry Watry, Dawn Stacey, Dan Stacey, Laurel Sanford, Ellen Haggenjos, Tammy Biskobing, Molly Kautz, Kira Johann

    Note: The meeting began somewhat informally as no officers were initially present with Dennis Gephart due to circumstances, including the Witte Travel meeting next door regarding the Parents Shadow Tour trip to Italy)

    Secretary’s Report:  Reviewed the minutes.  Motion to accept by Laurel Sanford, seconded by Donna Grady.  Approved.

    Treasurer’s Report:

    Early February was very busy.  We deposited $10,261.50 from the Spaghetti-Dinner/Silent Auction on our way to $10,287.60 total income for the month. 

    The event income was broken down this way:

                    $ 5,193.00            Silent-Auction Items

                    $ 4,050.00            Tickets

                    $    580.00             Donations

                    $    346.00             Desserts

                    $      68.00             Soda

                    $      24.50             Tips


                    $ 10,261.50          (total proceeds)

    Based upon the combined proceeds from last year and this year and calculating for 85% (as agreed upon), the trip contribution from PWHS MB to PWSSD on behalf of students going on the Italy trip in 2015 was $15,344.08, which was our major expenditure for the month.

    The PWHS MB contribute for two $1,000 scholarships each year.  Recently, the PWHS MB decided to formally set-aside this money into a separate “Annual Scholarship” internal account.  Each year, there are ten calendar months between each Oct. (when the payouts are generally recorded) and the subsequent Sept. (when the next scholarships are due) and so we will set-aside $100/month per scholarship in each month Nov. through Aug. so that the Annual Scholarship is fully-funded prior to each Sept.  Thus, this month we moved $800 into Annual Scholarship to catch-up on four months of funding from Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb.  This is an internal transfer only, no actual payments are made.  We will then transfer $200/month each month thru Aug. resulting in $2,000 set-aside by next Sept.

    We began February with $30, 217.81.  Our current balance at PWSB is $24,903.48, a net change of (-$5,3124,33) in the past month of February 2015.

    Given our internal accounts, this breaks down as:

                    $ 11,436.65          PWSB Account (General)

                    $   8,199.00          Restricted Fund (Piano)

                    $   4,202.82          Kids From WI

                    $       800.00          Annual Scholarship

                    $       264.00          Instrument Drive


                    $ 24, 903.48

    Band/Choir Director’s Report: (Alan Dust could not attend due to Witte Travel meeting regarding Parents Shadow Tour taking place in the next room)

    Dennis: Pep Band will play for Friday Basketball playoff (vs. Grafton March 13th) and plan to also play on Sat. if team wins and plays another game.  Festival Band concert – Thursday March 12th at 7:30 pm; Festival Choir concert – Thursday March 19th at 7:30 pm; Festival Jazz concert – Tuesday March 24th at 7:30 pm.

    Old Business:

    -         Instrument campaign: will be branded “Retire an Instrument” campaign.  Brochure created – Heritage Printing will make 500 copies for $180 (a very good deal).  Brochures need to have disclaimer stickers disavowing PWSSD opinion of fund-raiser.  Plan to have a display for the Festival Band and Jazz concerts – promote campaign, hand-out brochures to interested parties.  Other plans were discussed – a Fish Day booth, a direct-mailing campaign (similar to Piano fund-raiser).

    -         Kids from WI update: it was determined that the Kids from WI program used-to supply 3 x $250 band scholarships, as per Lori McRae.  However, one was for H.S. students and this practice was discontinued.  2 x $250 band scholarships remained.  It was questioned if the bylaws of the PWHS Music Boosters permit/restrict the body from extending such assistance to non-High School students – this point should be researched…. We may not be able, per bylaw, to continue providing the band scholarships even if we wished to do so.  This should be cleared-up and communicated to Lori/Al Groh as we seek their assistance in taking over this project.

    New Business:

    -         District Solo & Ensemble is Saturday March 21st at Cedarburg H.S.  Students need to have their introductions prepared and dress well.  Dennis will bring the music, must be presented to the judge.  Accompanist paid per students’ Activity-Accounts ($20 per piece).  It costs PWHS over $1,000 to register for Solo & Ensemble.

    -         Trip to Italy on schedule.  Depart from PWHS at 1-1:30 pm on Thursday, March 26th.  Students excused at 12:30. Return April 3rd.  Students need to know that PWHS will be locked an unavailable on April 3rd, so don’t leave homework/backpacks in school during trip if they need them; otherwise free to do so.  Students need their luggage to be affixed with Witte Travel tags; do not put Passports in their checked luggage.  Hope to have one student do some FB posting each day during the trip.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.  Moved by Laurel Sanford, seconded by Donna Grady.

    Next meeting is set for April 7, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in the choir room.


    Respectfully submitted,


    Tom DeMerit, Treasurer (Acting Secretary)

    PWHS Music Boosters