• On Friday February 5th the Port Washington High School Music Department will be having their annual Spaghetti dinner. This is our largest fundraiser raising several thousand dollars to help YOUR child have a better musical experience while here at PWHS.  Please see the attached flyer at the bottom of the page for important details and volunteer sign-up link.  Thank you!




    PWHS Music Boosters Meeting

    January 5, 2016


    Present:  Mike Bendt, Tom DeMerit, Ellen Haggenjos, Alan Dust, Dennis Gephart, Mike Yuhas, Donna Grady, Linda Guokas, Tammy Biskobing, Molly Kautz, Dawn Schaefer, Tami Wojciehowski, Deb Ansay, Dawn Stacey, Laura Wagner

    Meetingbegan at 7:03 with a call to order and welcome from President Mike Bendt.

    Secretary’s Report:(Mike Bendt)

    Reviewed the minutes from the December 1, 2015 meeting.  No corrections, additions, or questions.  Motion to approve the minutes by Mike Yuhas, seconded by Lind Guokas.  Approved.

    Treasurer’s Report:(Tom DeMerit)

    Our PWSB bank account rose $2,270 from a start of $34,974.56 to a moth-ending balance of $37,695.40 in the month of December.  We had very few expenses – only a $222 charge for beverage machine product.  On the income side, we received $1,276 in advance, pre-event donation for the alumni concert, and $723 in additional “Retire an Instrument” donations.  Our statement shows $503 in beverage machine proceeds; this was actually $249 collected from the machine in December and a residual $254 that had been collected and deposited in October but was credited to the wrong account and subject to a bank correction which only completed in December.

    The balances for our internal accounts are as follows:

          $ 16,374.18   PWSB (General)

          $  7,595.40   Restricted (Piano)

          $  6,473.58   Instrument Fund

          $    400.00   Annual Scholarship (Set-Aside)

          $  6,852.24   Kids from Wisconsin


          $ 37,695.40   PWSB bank balance (total)

    Other Notes:

    We raised (and deposited) an additional $2,600 at the alumni concert on Jan 2nd which is pending for January.  Combined with the advance, pre-event donations, the alumni concert raised $3,900.

    A reminder to parents – we continue to accept forms and family checks for $25 towards the Photos-Fundraiser.

    We look forward to next month’s Spaghetti-Sinner / Silent-Auction event.

     Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Linda Guokas, seconded by Mike Yuhas.  Approved.

    Band Director’s Report:(Alan Dust)

    There is a Pep band performance every Friday this month.

    Band and Choir picture day is Friday Jan. 8.

    David Cortes and Alex Quade are two Port percussionists who will be performing in the Milwaukee Music Festival the last week of January.  Then Alex if off to Carnegie Hall to perform there.

    Choir Director’s Report:

    Holiday Concert went really well. 

    Choir students have a concert critique due for the last part of their grade.

    In Music Theory we are reviewing material.

    Fundamentally Sound, an all men’s A Capella group from University of Wisconsin-Madison will be in Port Washington Wednesday, Jan. 13.  Alex Becker, a PWHS alumnus, is a member.  They will be at TJMS in the afternoon and then will have a 7 pm performance at the PWHS auditorium.

    PWHS A Capella groups Limited Edition and Armonia will also perform.  Donations will be accepted.

    Friday, January 15th, Limited Edition will sing at the WCDA state convention.  Zach Gephart, Tyler Schaefer and Elliot DeMerit will also perform.

    Friday January 22nd, Limited Edition will open for Vocalocity at University of Wisconsin-Green

    Students participating in Solo and Ensemble should be working on their songs and have them memorized by the end of January, and also have their Introduction/paperwork filled out.  Solo and Ensemble is at Random Lake on March 12, 2016.  If they need help with finding an accompanist, they should ask Dennis for help.

    Old Business:

    Alumni Concert Re-Cap

    The concert was a lot of work and a lot of fun.  We were pleased with the turn out and Alumni participation.  Many of the Alumni said that they would be interested in participating in a concert again in the future.  Made more than $4,000 in donations, and are still accepting them.

    Instrument Campaign Update:

    Mailed out letters and donation envelopes to previous donors

    New Business:

    Incoming Freshmen Pep Band: Jan. 8: -There will be several Eighth grade participants and they will receive T-shirts.

    WCDA Convention: January 15 and 16

    Dinner /Auction: Feb 5, 2016:

    Tami put everything needed for the dinner on Sign Up Genius: Food donations, time slots for volunteers

    Linda Guokas will captain dessert table.

    Dennis will send out an Email with times that students perform and a link to Sign Up Genius for people to donate and volunteer for the dinner.

    Tom printed and coded the tickets/spreadsheet/labels.  Students will stuff envelopes

    Deb said we have had a good response from previous donors for this year.  She has a letter to distribute and will post on Music Boosters Facebook page.

    Lists of Donors will be on tables.

    Tami will contact Lakeside Foods for soda donation; they have been generous with this in the past.

    Mike is handling promotion, a few larger color posters and then many smaller on colored paper

    Sarah Silverman will do another music stand to auction.

    Band will donate 2 seats to sit with band at Pops concert.

    Decorating committee is looking for rope lights

    Meeting adjourned at 7:38 pm. 


    Respectfully submitted,


    Ellen Haggenjos, Secretary

    PWHS Music Boosters

    Next Meeting: February 5, 2016 at 7:00 pm, Choir Room