• PWHS Music Boosters Meeting

    February 3, 2015 Minutes

    Present:  Linda Guokas, Mike Bendt, Larry Watry, Kira Johann, Tim McBride, Jennifer McBride, Tom DeMerit, Scott Oftedahl Laurel Sanford, Tammy Biskobing, marchell longstaff, Robert Tyree, Dann Bennig, Sarah Poull, Tami Wojciehowski, and Donna Grady.

    Secretary’s Report:  Reviewed the minutes.  Motion to accept by Laurel Sanford, seconded by Tammy Biskobing.  Approved.

    Treasurer’s Report:

    January 2015 was a very simple month - our PWSB Account rose by $275.24 from soda sales, photos fundraiser and interest.  No activity in our other accounts.  Looking forward to a busier month in February, beginning this week with the Silent-Auction/Dinner.  Our current PWSB checkbook balance reads $30,217.81, with the following breakdowns:

                    PWSB - General                                $17,550.98

                    Piano Fund (Restricted)                 $  8,199.96  

                    Instrument Drive                             $      264.05

                    Kids From Wisconsin                       $  4,202.82



    Last month, I met with Sarah Schramm from Allen-Edmonds.  Based on our conversation, I think that Allen-Edmonds might be receptive for some type of sponsorship request from the PWHS Music Boosters that is above/beyond the simple donation to our Silent-Auction.  Sarah told me that there is support for music programs and performances at the executive level within Allen-Edmonds and that the company tries to keep its philanthropy as close to home as possible.

    Approved, motioned made to approve by Donna G., seconded by Sarah P.

    Choir Director’s Report:  Dinner/Auction this Friday.  Will give Linda student volunteer list.  All performing.  ICHSA is this Saturday.  Can buy tickets here with a credit card.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  WSMA auditions this month. 

    Band Director’s Report:  New Trier Jazz Festival this Saturday.  We will be performing on the main stage.  Streamed live on website at 1:55p.m.  www.ntjazz.com.  Dizzy Gillespie band will be working with the students during the day and they will perform at night.  WSMA has 4 kids auditioning on 2-14.  Alex Quade is going to Carnegie Hall in New York to perform in the National Honors Performing group, had 5000 applications.  Third band student in three years going.  Friday the 13th is the 8th grade playing with the Pep Band, they get a shirt, and then the band goes bowling.  Donna – decorating is looking good.  Wrap up meeting is 2/10 at 7 p.m.

    Old Business:

    1.      Presentation by Dr. Weber on Referendum:  We are the first group to hear the presentation and see the power point to support the referendum.  2013 did a comprehensive facility study of the District facilities.  Survey done in fall 2014.  Final shared vision:  keep costs as low as possible and provide taxpayers with great value, upgrade the high school to a like-new facility and relieve elementary schools’ overcrowding.  Went through a picture of all of the additions to the high school since 1931.  HS not in compliance with 1992 ADA requirements.  We were recently audited for ADA and they postponed any requirements because we’re looking at a referendum for building.  Question re: VK development and A: we have included that in our planning for Dunwiddie and HS.  TJMS already has room for 1100 kids.  Will be posting all of the site plans on the district website.  New band and choir rooms by the gymnasium area.  Gym will be arena style.  Will gut the auditorium.  Question:  will there be a pit?  A:    We need to bring that to the architect.  Current band and choir rooms become support rooms for the Auditorium.  HS:  start construction in April 2016 and completed Spring/Summer 2019.  Schedule – 3 wing academic wing is built first and then classes in 1932 building get shifted.  Timeline is suggested already.  HS:  $45.6 million and Dunwiddie:  $3.8 million for a total of $49.4 million.  Tax impact:  $104 starts, then raises to $189 over five years and then comes down again.  There are real low rates for borrowing right now and an AA bond rating.  Even when referendum passes, our mill rate will still stay low (in the middle).  Right now we are 3rd from the bottom for the school districts in our area.  The referendum question is very specific, thus when it passes, all of the money borrowed will go only towards the referendum question.  Why Now?  Construction costs are low now, interest rates are low, AA Bond rating and mill rate is low.  Q:  what are the costs of doing nothing?  A:  will have a fine of at least $200,000 for non-ADA compliance.  Also have costs for updating HVAC and other infrastructures. There will be costs.  Ex. Roofs are beyond their life, but we have maintained them.  Q:  what would be the cost growth if it was put off for 5-10 years?  A:  will see if Baird can do that for us.  Suggested to have projections on the number of students over the next 5-10 years to make sure we have space for everyone.  Q:  what about other elementary schools?  A:  looking at 5-7 years for a referendum for Lincoln for a small project for full-size gym at Lincoln and more classrooms with a connection/walkway from TJMS to Lincoln.  Biggest need at Saukville is security – so we will do that with current funds to take care of this.  Hope to do that this coming summer.  Want to have lock down walls for the pods.  May look at adding some community space/gym in the future.  Q:  low visibility election in April, will there be enough turnout to pass the referendum?  A:  need to make people aware of the issue and encourage all to go vote with full information.  Q:  what about talking to the seniors in our community?  A:  on 3-6 we will have a senior breakfast at the high school and give them information so they are informed.  They will also be invited to tour the high school.

    2.     Dinner/Auction:  desserts looking OK now, food looking OK.  Expecting 350-500 people eating.  86 auction items.  Have people coming from Kohl’s to help in dessert area so we will be eligible for a $500 grant.  And we may be on their list for future years.  Will need 7-8 non-seating tables for the Auction.  Will use the mike to announce closing tables.  Will have photo fundraiser picture forms either at the dinner or Festival Concerts.  Tip jars will be out too.

    New Business:

    1.      Incoming freshmen:  will have officers in the gym, photos slideshow on laptop.  Dennis and Alan will be there and have handouts.

    2.     Italy:  will have kids put pictures on booster facebook page and district page so as to share what’s happening while in Italy with friends and family back home.

    3.     College Scholarships:    We did receive the letter from Mr. Bichler and we need to vote on that.  Two $1000 college scholarships from Music Boosters.  Donna G. motioned, Laurel S.  seconded.  Approved.  Qualification – one band, one choir, participated here in music.  There are other qualifications for other music scholarships.  Last year raised $2040 at the two Pops Concerts.  Keep money separated for scholarship.  Motion made and seconded to do this so we can always have the money set aside for college scholarships. 

    Other Questions/Concerns:  We need to be proactive if auditorium is closed during the summer for construction.  May impact our fundraising and Kids from Wisconsin.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:49 p.m.

    Next meeting is set for March 3, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. in the choir room.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Linda Guokas, Secretary

    PWHS Music Boosters

     PWHS Music Boosters – Dinner/Auction 2015 Wrap-up    2.10.2015

    Dennis and Alan created a Google Doc to share information about Dinner/Auction from year to year.

    Lessons Learned:  Laurel’s suggestions for next year:  1. No donations of perishable items.  2.  Band/Choir Kids do a form on their basket and have their baskets due earlier.

    Per Tami:  Sold more dinner tickets than came to eat.

    Signup Genius worked well for volunteers.

    Suggestions for tickets:  include on the ticket, admission free and ticket gets you dinner.  Many tried to turn the ticket in at the ticket selling area, just need it for dinner. Tom will do the tickets again and print them up for next year’s dinner/auction.

    Check with area churches as far as fish fries on the same date.  Also, the herringbone pattern worked well for the tables for the dinner.

    Need to start saving/sharing documents online or in one place so that the teachers’ have the information and the next year’s officers have the information too.

    Present:  Alan, Dennis, Mike, Tom, Kira, Larry, Laurel, Linda.

    Net Profit:  $18,051.86.  85% is $15,344.08 spread out among the 82 students going to Italy.

    Part of this money will go to pay for bus to O’Hare – and will get a quote from Bus Company for school buses to and from O’Hare.  We will pay PWSSD for the bus on Wednesday and the balance to Witte Travel and that amount will be divided among the students by Witte and then each student will get a final bill from Witte.  Shadow tour is down to 20 people.  Will try to do a large card signed by the students for Kohl’s.  Kohl’s will be sending us $500.  Will try to keep a box of Auction/Dinner materials in the choir robe room, besides on line and then we will have everything in one place for the following year. 

    Suggested have Choirs perform last so have more people to bid on items, rather than band.  Dennis and Alan switched it from last year. 

    Shadow Tour – now has been an email with information on their flight.  And will be more information going out again.  Each group is waiting on the final itinerary. 

    30% growth in revenue.  Most of it in the Auction.  Great job Laurel and Deb!

    Will meet another night for the Band Instrument Fundraiser.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Linda Guokas, Secretary, PWHS Music Boosters