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    Port Washington High School Choral Syllabus 2006-2007 To: Sr. High Choir Students and their parents/guardians

    Thank you for being a part of the music we are making this year! Before we get any further into the school year, I wanted to touch base with all of you, so…this memo is to inform choir members of their responsibilities for the 2005-06 school year.

    Music Education

    The benefits of a well-rounded education for all students cannot be overemphasized. One very important part of a complete education is the study of music. The aesthetic joys of making music cannot be duplicated in any other art form; it is a communication unto itself. It also has been found that the study of music strengthens the mind’s learning potential. Students who are part of a music program tend to achieve at higher levels in all areas of school. Simply put: music makes better students, and music makes students better.

    Ongoing research continues to offer dramatic statistics concerning young people who participate in their school music programs. The 1997 publication, Profiles of SAT and Achievement Test Takers (from the College Board), noted that “Students with course work experience in music performance scored 89 points higher on the SAT tests than students with no course work in the arts.” This kind of information bodes well for the future of our young musicians.

    In addition to the educational benefits, music education also teaches important life skills. Music teaches discipline. Music develops self-confidence. Music gives students a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Singing in a choir teaches students the importance of working with others and helps them develop the social skills necessary to be part of a performing organization. It instills values, responsibility, purpose, direction, devotion to duty, the spirit of cooperation and a sensitivity to the beauty in our world. Not all choir students become great musicians, but all will certainly become more mature, cooperative, self-disciplined, hardworking members of their communities with an appreciation of the arts.

    Choir Conduct

    Proper classroom behavior is essential. In addition to the policies established by the Port Washington School District, I require the following behaviors.

    I expect all of my students to:

    1. Be respectful of and show respect to every person in the room and his or her belongings.

    2. Come to class and performances without gum, food, candy or drinks – except water.

    3. Be in the classroom and making your way towards your seat or in it with all materials needed for that day by the 5-minute bell.

    Grading Policy
    The following criteria will determine grades during each quarter:

    1. Class participation is essential and will be worth 45 percent of your quarter grade. This involves having all materials for class and actively participating in some form at all times. Inactive participation may include written work of my choice.

    2. Sight singing or a general music theory quiz will be recorded for a grade at least once each nine-week quarter. Prepared group pieces will also be recorded for a grade at least once each nine weeks.

    3. Concert attendance is mandatory. I must impress upon you the importance of everyone being present at all scheduled performances. Just as a football team would be severely crippled if their starting quarterback didn’t show up for a game, a choir is severely crippled when people who are counted on during daily rehearsals fail to show for performances. Excused absences include illness, a death in the family or a principal's approval. Written assignments will be given to make up for excused absences. Work, school or non-school sanctioned sports are not considered excused absences. Family vacations will be excused if advance notice is given to the director three weeks prior to the concert.

    4. Students are to be on time for performances and are asked not to leave until the entire concert is over unless approval is given ahead of time by the director. This requirement counts as 35 percent of the concert grade.

    5. A quarterly test will be given and will count as 20% of the total quarter grade.

    Grading Weights:

    Class Participation------------------------------45%

    Concert Attendance-----------------------------35%

    Quarter Test--------------------------------------20%

    Performance Dress Code/General Information

    1. Concert Dress:

    Each performing group will have choral robes this year. Underneath the robe, you are expected to wear the following:

    Men: black shoes and socks, black dress pants and a solid white (not off white) shirt with a collar.

    Women: Black shoes, black dress or black pants with black nylons and a white blouse. (If you do not have these items, please purchase them immediately or talk to me.)

    2. Transportation to and from concerts is the student’s own responsibility, unless the location is out of town.

    3. Daily classroom materials include a choir folder, music and pencil.

    4. All students will be issued a number choir folder, music and robe within the first nine weeks. The school concert folder, music and robe are the property of Port Washington High School and must be returned in the same condition they were issued. If a student moves or drops the class, they are expected to turn in the SAME music, concert folder and robe or pay for the lost or damaged items. These items will only be accepted from the student they were issued to. Lost, misplaced or damaged items will be replaced at the student's expense. Choir folders cost approximately $15 each. Original copies of music cost anywhere from $1.50 to $3.50 per copy.