• Concert Choir Assignments

  • A Critical Response to Music

    Concert Review / Critique Outline



    Critical Thinking Involves …

    1.       Listening in order to analyze and evaluate

    2.      Applying information, synthesizing and making connections

    3.      Expressing an opinion based on knowledge and fact, not emotion.


    This assignment is a concert review.  Your task is to evaluate the performance by reviewing and commenting on what you have heard.  It is to be typed (12 pt. font, 1.5 spaced, 2 pages please) and written in well formed sentences / paragraphs (following a proper essay style).


    Specific concert analysis to cover:

    It is vital to evaluate group / individual performances so that each proceeding performance will progress and develop.  In your written evaluation remember that you need to comment on all areas that need improvement, as well as on areas that you thought were done well.  Use the following questions to shape your concert review.



    Constructive critique of the performance

         F      Give an overall (general) assessment of the performance of each ensemble.

    f         What are (minimum) three (3) constructive criticisms that you can make of the performance of each of the pieces your ensemble performed? [See note below]

    f         For each criticism, what are (minimum) two (2) things that were done well in this piece?

    Your impact on the performance

    f         On a personal level, assess your individual contribution to the success / lack of success of the performance.

    f         What are the next steps that need to be taken (minimum of three) in order for YOU to improve for the next concert?

    The ensemble’s impact on the performance

    f         What are the next steps that need to be taken (minimum of three) in order for the ENSEMBLE to improve for the next concert?


    As a conclusion to your review, answer these final questions:

    f         How effective was the performance?

    f         What did you appreciate and why?      

    f         Was there anything you disliked and why?

    f         What did you learn from this concert?



    NOTE:  For those of you who are in more than one ensemble, you will submit one review but must incorporate/review at least one piece from each ensemble that you performed in.  Feel free to do more/all if so inspired!


    To ensure that you cover each topic well, create and demonstrate fully your awareness of the importance of all musical elements, and describe clearly connections and influences:


    ¯    Follow the above content guidelines

    ¯    Demonstrate your understanding by using musical terminology, Italian terms, technical knowledge and theoretical knowledge throughout your assignment

    ¯    Include the following in your discussion:  rhythms, styles, articulations, phrasing, balance, blend, instrumentation, and dynamics.

    ¯    Using statements like “I found that… because …” will help demonstrate your ability to analyze and evaluate the performance

    ¯    Clarify the statements you make by answering the question “why” fully!