• PWHS Music Boosters


    April 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes


    Present:  Donna Grady, Larry Watry, Mary Beth Tennessen, Dawn Stacey, Joann DeMerit, Molly Kautz, Alan Dust, Tom DeMerit, Linda Guokas and Mike Bendt.


    Secretary’s Report:  Meeting started 7:06 p.m. Two spelling corrections for MacRae and Joe Groh, not Al Groh. Mary Beth motioned and seconded by Mike.  Approved.


    Treasurer’s Report:  Our overall PWSB bank account rose by $1,306.96 in March, highlighted by income from residual donations from the Spaghetti-Dinner ($800 … $250-ShopKo, $500-Kohls), soda machine ($458.35) and initial donations to the “Retire an Instrument” fund ($585).  Our expenses were for “Retire an Instrument” drive brochures ($180, Heritage Printing), residual food/labor to PWSSD for Spaghetti-Dinner ($357.40) and soda machine ($126.10).  We also shifted $200 monthly installment into our Scholarship account.  Our PWSB account now stands at $26,264.44. 


    This breaks in our internal accounts as:

    $12,192.61           PWSB Account

    $  8,199.96           Restricted Fund (Piano/Auditorium)

    $      669.05           Instrument Fund

    $  1,000.00           Annual Scholarship Fund

    $  4,202.82           Kids From WI




    Motion to accept by Donna Grady, Dawn seconded.  Was approved.


    Band Director’s Report:  Italy – thank you for your help in providing funds for kids to go to Italy over the last two years.  Outstanding tour, bumpy start, but was very worthwhile.  First time overseas with a group.  Tour managers were good to work with.  Performance venues were amazing.  Students have been saying was a life-changing experience.  Solo and Ensemble – went very well.  Quite a few solos and ensembles are going to State too.  Festival concerts and All That Jazz concerts went well too.  Pandemonium is rehearsing.  State Solo and Ensemble at the end of the month on April 25th.  Have been in contact with Witte Travel about any money back from Lufthansa and German Wings.  It will take some time. 

    Choir Director’s Report:  Denny is sick tonight.  Rachel Billman made it to WSMA in the Treble Choir.  Italy was great.  Performance every night.  Some in historic churches, medieval or renaissance buildings and walls.  April fairly slow month.  Pops concert in May. 

    Old Business:  Ebay – Linda needs to finish signing up with scanning in some documents.  Linda mentioned Amazon Smile too.  Kids from Wisconsin – Alan will contact Joe Groh this week.  Lori MacRae contacted Alan after we had accepted taking on the show.  Asked about scholarships for middle school students and if that was going to still be done.  Lori asked if we could discuss it and see if Music Boosters could do this.  Mike Bendt said that it was brought up at the City Band officers meeting too (Mike is President of that group too).  This was not a pre-existing condition for us taking over the Kids program.  History included scholarships for music camps for all of the grade schools and middle schools in the area when just a community committee ran that.  But our mission for 501c3 is for High School Music Program.  Music Boosters accepted being able to run this and planned to use the funds for instruments/Band program.  We received $5077 from the Kids Committee, everything in their account, which was about $1000 more than we were expecting.  Instrument Fund:  it’s been kicked off.  But, waiting until the referendum is over on 4.7.2015.  Will have a table at the pops concerts with old instruments, tri-fold brochure and have collected some money.  Need to meet after the referendum and decide on how we will move forward now. 

    New Business:  State Solo and Ensemble is 4.25.2015 with many students participating.  Reimbursements to parents form is due by the 30th of April.  The form is on the website.  Please send an email reminder to parents so can complete this.  Elections – will do so in May instead of now.  Hoping to have a new Secretary so that we won’t have all of the officers being elected at the same time.

    Motion to adjourn.  Mary Beth motioned and Donna Grady seconded.  Motion passed.  Meeting ended at 7:45 p.m.

    Next Meeting:  April 28th, at 7:00 p.m.  The meeting has been moved from May 5th due to Concert Choir singing at the Brewer’s game and the TJMS Band Concert which Mr. Dust is conducting at.  Will discuss the reimbursements to parents form at that meeting.  Change the form to state 4.27 instead of 4.30.   Have no forms so far.  Grad Grams will be added to the Agenda for the May meeting.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Linda Guokas, Secretary, PWHS Music Boosters