2000 PROGRAM




    Board Policies

      Administrative Guidelines

    BP 2105

    Mission and Vision of the District

    BP 2110 District Values and Cultural Expectations    
    BP 2120 School Improvement    
    BP 2210 Curriculum Development and Improvement    
    BP 2220 Adopton of New Programs and Courses of Study    
    BP 2221 Special Observance Days AG 2221 Special Observance Days
    BP 2240 Controversial Issues    
    BP 2241 Waiver of Participation in Approved Curricular Programs    
    BP 2250 Part-Time Open Enrollment  AG 2250  Part-Time Open Enrollment
    BP 2251 Technical College Course Program    
    BP 2252 Early College Credit Program    
    BP 2260 Nondiscrimination - Access to Equal Educational Opportunity AG 2260 Student Discrimination Complaint Procedures
    BP 2261 Title 1 Services    
    BP 2261.01 Programs for English Language Learners    
    BP 2261.02 Ensuring the Educational Stability of Children in Out-of-Home Care (Foster Care)    
    BP 2330 Homework    
    BP2411 School Counseling Program    
    BP 2412 Homebound or Hospital Instruction    
    BP2414 Human Growth and Development Instruction    
    BP 2416 Student Privacy and Parent Rights in Relation to District Programs/Activities AG 2416 External Research Projects and Surveys
    BP 2416.01 Research Projects and Surveys AG 2416.1 Protected Student Information
    BP 2416.1 Protected Student Information    
    BP 2423 Education for Employment    
    BP 2430 Extracurricular Activities    
    BP 2430.01 Special Programs by Community Volunteers    
    BP 2431 Interscholastic Athletics    
    BP 2440 Summer School AG 2440 Implementation of Summer School
    BP 2460 Special Education AG 2460 Implementation of Special Education
    BP 2460.02 Least Restrictive Environment Position Statement    
    BP 2464 Programs for Gifted and Talented Students    
    BP 2465 Online Learning/Courses    
    BP 2521 Selection of Instructional Materials and Equipment AG 2521 Print/Nonprint Materials
    BP 2521.01 Selection, Management, and Reconsideration of Library Media Center Materials

    AG 2521.01



    Selection, Management, and Reconsideration of Library Media Center Materials

    Form - Request For Reconsideration of Instructional/Library Media Materials

    BP 2521.02 Resource Speakers AG 2521.02 Selecting Drama/Musical Productions
    BP 2521.03 Interlibrary Loan of Materials AG 2521.03 Interlibrary Loan of Materials
    BP 2531 Copying Copyrighted Materials    
    BP 2605 Program Accountability and Evaluation    
    BP 2623 Student Assessment    
    BP 2700 Reporting to the Public Annual Performance Disclosure Reports