• Homework for the week is posted by Monday before school starts.  Homework is posted in the Google Classroom.

    Students can fill in their planner for the week if they want. Also, students can work ahead: for example, if a student has soccer practice on Wednesdays, they can do their Wednesday's HW the night before. We are learning to be self managers of our time. :)

    Every night: Please sign planner and check reading calendar located in the upper right portion of the weekly assignment notebook.

    • signing the planner means you have seen it (it is the student's responsibility to do their HW. Feel free to help but I never send home work that we have not already learned in class)
    • signing the reading calendar means you are acknowledging that the student has read 15 minutes
    • if your child forgot their math page, look on the math tab and either print another copy or they can just write down the answers on a piece of paper